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Exciting News from the CUMRC!

Important Update for the 2021 CUMRC Tournament:

We are pleased to announce that our 34 CUMRC-eligible teams are now organized in 5 different regions each with representation in the tournament. The Champions of the Prairie Men's Rugby League with its 7 teams (formerly the CanWest Men's Rugby League) will now have direct entry into the tournament.

Of the remaining regions, BC will have two entries, Ontario with 10 teams three entries including the host Queen's, Quebec with 7 teams one entry, and the Maritimes with 7 teams one entry.

In addition, to provide some extra exposure to up and coming programs, and for those programs, two teams will be invited to a showcase match to be played on the weekend of the tournament. The determination of the teams will be established immediately after the conclusion of the regional playoffs, and will include teams from different regions. Participation in the showcase will be at the cost of the teams though we will attempt to secure some additional funding and assist with logistical arrangements.


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