The Stags

Rugby at the University of Calgary has a rich and storied past that began even before the University of Calgary. In fact the Stags Rugby Club was the oldest sport club on campus. The Stags first played against the University of Alberta Golden Bears in 1960 in a game which spawned the annual Little Brown Jug competition starting in 1962 between the 2 campuses (see summary below). The Stags competed in the Calgary and Alberta rugby union leagues as well as competing against teams from the University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Victoria (UVic), University of Montana, University of Oregon and Oregon State. The Stag’s first big success was winning the Meraloma Tournament in Vancouver in 1969 going on to become a dominant force in the city and provincial competitions winning championships between 1969-1975.

The successes of the club resulted in many of the Stags playing representative rugby for Calgary and Alberta. Four Stags, Chas Burford, Lou Dryden, Ken Myhre and Bill Thomson went on to play for Canada and one, Scott Kelso played for the USA.

Not only did players gain recognition but the Stags coaching staff during those early years, Colin Lumby and Peter Reichenbach both university professors and later Lou Dryden provided great leadership and guidance. Peter Reichenbach also coached the Calgary and Alberta representative teams taking Alberta to its first national championship losing 7-3 to Ontario. The coaching was part of the strength of the Stags but also became part of the downfall when lack of support from the university led to a team without coaching and staff liaison forcing the club to fold in the mid ‘70s.

The presence of rugby on campus was sporadic for over 2 decades until finally in 1999, rugby returned to the university with the formation of a women’s rugby club and a men’s team in 2000. Since then, the club grew and on November 22nd, 2001, the University of Calgary Rugby Football Club (UCFRC) was officially formed with the election of an executive committee and a ratified constitution. The mandate of the club is to promote the game of rugby within the university community, providing students the opportunity to take part in competition at the local, provincial, intercollegiate and international levels. The UCRFC competes using the Dinos moniker. While competing as student athletes players are Dinos but once a player graduates or leaves the club he becomes a Stag thus maintaining a strong link to the past.

Little Brown Jug

The Little Brown Jug competition is an annually contested trophy against the Golden Bears which began in 1962. Even though there are gaps when the teams did not play, it is safe to say the Jug is the oldest contested trophy on campus. The Little Brown Jug is a highly sought after trophy and is one of the most important games each year in the Dinos schedule. 

Past Results

1962 Stags 8 Golden Bears 13
1963 Stags 9 Golden Bears 9
1964 Stags 13 Golden Bears 6
1965 Stags 27 Golden Bears 3
1966 Stags 30 Golden Bears 15
1967 Stags 13 Golden Bears 12
1968 Stags 27 Golden Bears 14
1969 Stags 65 Golden Bears 3
1970 Stags 32 Golden Bears 17
1971 Stags 24 Golden Bears 13
1972 Stags 24 Golden Bears 14
1973 to 1985 no games were played
1986 Stags 12 Golden Bears 21
1987 to 2000 no games were played
2001 UCRFC 17 Golden Bears 25
2002 UCRFC 17 Golden Bears 10
2003 UCRFC 29 Golden Bears 48
2004 UCRFC 29 Golden Bears 26
2005 UCRFC 0 Golden Bears 31
2006 UCRFC 53 Golden Bears 32
2007 UCRFC 5 Golden Bears 0 Default, U of A did not field a team
2008 UCRFC 23 Golden Bears 15
2009 UCRFC 67 Golden Bears 7
2010 UCRFC 10 Golden Bears 0
2011 UCRFC 41 Golden Bears 17